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Advantage Students (Infomart)
If your school is using the Infomart (Advantage Students) for background checks, drug screen and clinical requirement verification, you will see their logo on your student dashboard. ACEMAPP interfaces
Manage Affiliations with Schools or Clinical Sites
Your affiliations represent who you work with in ACEMAPP and which organizations have access to your information. When schools request an affiliation, you will be notified via email.  The subject line
New Student Account
Thank you for creating an ACEMAPP account. If you're just getting started with your student account, here are a few things you will need to do: 1. Log in Go to and log in with your email
American Databank (Complio)
If your school is using American DataBank (Complio) for background checks, drug screening, and clinical requirement verification, you will see their logo on your student dashboard.  ACEMAPP interfaces
Student Orientation Video
Uploading Your ACEMAPP Requirements
Completing your ACEMAPP requirements are an important first step toward participating in a clinical rotation.  The documents you upload through ACEMAPP will be sent to your school coordinator for approval.
Create Student Accounts
You can create student accounts one-by-one, or with the student bulk upload spreadsheet.   
InfoMart (Advantage Students)
ACEMAPP interfaces with Advantage Students to simplify the compliance process for you. Advantage Students (by Infomart) is used for background checks, and drug screens. You will see their logo on your
Invite Individual Students
Invite individual students to use ACEMAPP by adding them one-by-one. From your dashboard, click “Students” 1 and select “Students by Affiliation” from the dropdown. From the “Create” dropdown,
Document Uploader - Multiple Files
If the Document you would like to upload to fulfill a requirement comes in multiple parts, follow these steps to upload all of them at once: 1) Head to your document uploader area. 2) In the document upload